After the famous British family, they traveled all the way to China just for this matter

Andrew was born in a family of famous golfers in England. In 1939, my uncle won the championship of the British Open, a long-standing and ancient event among the four Grand Slams of golf. My father has been a professional PGA coach in the UK for 58 years (only more than 20 in the UK over 50 years). This is the world's first professional golf association. He trained famous players such as Ian Woosnam (won 52 world championships) and was awarded the PGA Lifetime Achievement Award. Andrew Smith has already received the influence of golf culture in his prenatal education. At the age of 3, he formally studied golf under the influence of his father. He entered the profession at the age of 18. He followed his father to more than 40 countries around the world and won numerous laurels. He is now a professional PGA coach in the United Kingdom. , 40 years of golfing experience, 27 years of teaching experience, 18 years of painstaking efforts to cultivate Chinese golf education, more than 10,000 students, training many Chinese and British national team members, known as the godfather of Chinese golf and the ambassador of Sino-British golf culture.

Andrew Smith International Golf Academy

Originated from the UK, professional authority. The United Kingdom is the birthplace of golf, and the British PGA has an unparalleled position in the world after more than a hundred years of precipitation. Andrew Smith International Golf Academy was founded in Shenzhen by British PGA coach Andrew Smith who came from a golf family. The college covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with the educational philosophy of "Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, sustainable development, and enjoy fun". The British PGA teaching system is combined with the TPI teaching system, professional indoor and outdoor golf teaching software and hardware facilities, and a strong international team of teachers , Is committed to providing adult and youth golf education and training, promoting the popularization of golf in China, and cultivating more golf world champions for China.

Coaching team

The faculty team consists of a team of British and Chinese PGA coaches and TPI physical trainers who have trained many well-known Chinese professional players and national team members; professional membership assistants, Brand planning

and the online promotion team, the US Callaway brand China team to form golf education and teaching Internet + complex.

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